3 Things You Must Have For Healthy Joints, Less Pain, And Decreased Risk Of Injury.

I’m going to explain the 3 things you must have for healthy joints, less pain, and decreased risk of injury – without one or more of these you are at greater risk of pain, stiffness, and injury.

Let me explain what they each are…

Flexibility – is the full length of a muscle when stretched to end range (think how far you can stretch your hamstring). This is forced.

Stability – a joint’s ability to stay put when outside forces are acting upon it, or said differently – your ability to control your movement (think balancing on one leg with perfect alignment – zero swaying or ankle wobble)

Mobility – is how much a joint (bone to bone) can move before being restricted by the surrounding tissue such as tendons, muscle, ligaments, and fascia. (think about moving your shoulder in a circle or your ability to move freely) Unlike flexibility, this is not forced movement.

Now that you know what each one is…

Why are they important??

Well, they all affect each other. If we don’t have good stability we may lose our mobility

And simply stretching will not improve your mobility. So yoga and only yoga will not keep you injury free, it may even cause injury. 

We need all 3 to move and function our best.

“True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.” – Joseph Pilates

Does your fitness or workout routine focus on all 3??

Does the treatment you are receiving for your back, knee, shoulder, etc work on ALL 3 of these?

Most likely not…

The focus on all 3 together is usually a HUGE missing component in many exercise/fitness routines AND even health and wellness treatments.

When we are treating an injury – we first make it feel better with mobility (massage, dry needling, adjustments, joint mobilizations, etc) and flexibility and then we MUST teach this area to protect itself going forward, which is the stability and this is where you get the lasting benefits.

Many treatment styles or methods only focus on one, maybe two of the components.

And the one that gets left out is usually the STABILITY

Stability is the control and protection of a joint we need in order to stay pain and injury free.

Our joints need stability to feel safe. If they don’t feel safe then we sacrifice our mobility and flexibility to accomplish that safety.

So that stiffness you feel (aka lack of mobility) may actually be a stability issue – but that trainer of yours just keeps making you do mobility drills. 

This is why the combo of working with an expert Physical Therapist and Pilates-based rehab specialist is one of the best ways to improve overall movement, function, and physical health. It focuses on all 3.

So if you’re constant foam rolling and/or stretching and not getting anywhere…you’re missing a component.

If that weekly or monthly massage or adjustment feels great but is only giving you temporary relief….you are missing one of these components.

It may require expert help to figure out what other healthcare providers couldn’t do for you.

And with the right help, you will no longer have to deal with these injuries on an ongoing basis.

I help 100’s of people each year find and fix that missing component and get them back to better health and movement. 

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About The Author

Casey Murphy

Dr. Casey Murphy is the Founder of Wheat Ridge’s Leading Specialist Physical Therapy Practice for People in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s+, who want to keep healthy and active. You may know of Casey for her ability to keep people free from painkillers, injections, and surgery. Her mission is to keep people from being sidelined from life and get them back to doing the things they love. Dr. Murphy is also certified in Pilates and teaches rehab Pilates classes as well as utilizes her training to assist in recovery and regaining motor control and stability.