Healthy From The Inside Out

Most of us know that we need to eat healthier to be healthier. But what most people don’t quite understand is how much it takes to TRULY be healthy from the inside out…protecting ourselves at the cellular level, and giving our body what it needs to have the strongest immune system to defend pretty much anything that comes at it.


Not possible?  I disagree…


I am a BIG believer that the majority of the ailments we (as a society) deal with, things like multiple illnesses a year, autoimmune disease, gut issues, chronic headaches, and the list goes on, are all a result of our environment both inside and outside our bodies. Which means I also believe these problems can be improved with simple changes in our diet and our products.


We are surrounded by toxins everywhere we look and a lot of them we can’t avoid which is why I believe it is crucial to support our bodies with the right foods so our bodies can perform at their best when needed.


Plus, what we put IN our bodies makes a HUGE difference in how we feel.


When I share with people that I start my day this way, they often say “I eat a ton of whole foods, why would I need to take them in capsules and shakes?


Firstly, I say- go you!! In a world where we are sold processed junk food at every turn, eating healthy is a challenge, and I commend you for putting time, money and effort into your health.


Second, I get it. I’m all about whole foods too, but when I really took the time to look into these and what it could do for my health and the health of my friend, it made complete sense right away.


But, I get it, you’re likely skeptical, so I thought I’d share a few reasons why, despite the fact that I eat as many plants as I can all day long, I still choose to start my day with the babies. Every day. And have for 2  years, and will never miss a day.


  1. Environmental toxins are increasing. Chemicals, fossil fuels, hundreds of new pesticides being produced, plastics, heavy metals, food additives, preservatives and drugs. We need to eat way more fruits and veggies than we could possibly chew each day to actually move all these toxins out of our bodies.


  1. Food quality is decreasing. The food available to us in our grocery stores is what I call “jet lagged produce” – picked before it’s ripe and shipped long distances. Even if you’re eating from the farmer’s market, the quality of our soil is just not what it once was, and you gotta eat way more servings today to get the same amount of nutrients in the veggies our grandmothers were eating.


  1. Variety. If you’re anything like me, you eat the same fruits and veggies over and over. I diversify from time to time, but always seem to come back to the same staples. The truth is that our bodies THRIVE when we eat the rainbow consistently. The more colors of fruits and veggies we can eat every day, the more fine-tuned our immune systems and the better we look and feel.


  1. The future! The research behind these capsules blows me away- 38 published studies- more than any other whole food product in the world. One study shows that they protect DNA. Which means that when I take them, I am not only protecting my future self, but the babies I hope to one day have.


We don’t wear seatbelts because we KNOW we are going to get in an accident, we wear a seatbelt because IF we get in an accident, we may be LESS injured or it may SAVE your life.


Are you wearing your “seatbelt” every day?


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About The Author

Casey Murphy

Dr. Casey Murphy is the Founder of Wheat Ridge’s Leading Specialist Physical Therapy Practice for People in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s+, who want to keep healthy and active. You may know of Casey for her ability to keep people free from painkillers, injections, and surgery. Her mission is to keep people from being sidelined from life and get them back to doing the things they love. Dr. Murphy is also certified in Pilates and teaches rehab Pilates classes as well as utilizes her training to assist in recovery and regaining motor control and stability.