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"We help people learn to exercise and move safely and get the most out of their workout without fear of getting injured."

What Is Clinical Pilates?

Do you know someone that has tried to start a new workout regiment and just ending up getting injured??

That's because that person did not now how to correctly use their body and/or if they had an instructor, that instructor probably paid NO attention to the individual and their poor form.

Clinical Pilates prevents any of that from happening. It is Physical Therapy led Pilates that shows you how to safely and effectively move your body so you can stop dealing with those injury roadblocks that are killing your healthy habits. It allows each individual to be guided by an injury and movement specialist through a customized program to suite their particular needs and goals.

We see way too many people getting injured with exercise due to unrecognized muscle imbalances that could have been prevented.

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    What Are The Benefits of Clinical Pilates?

    •  Guided exercise that won't get you injured

    • Taller, more confident posture

    • Stronger core stability

    • Avoid the inevitable back pain

    • Increased muscular strength and flexibility

    • Prevention of injuries

    • Safe injury recovery

    • Restoration of normal movement patterns

    • Enhance athletic performance

    • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles

    • Improved overall body tone and fitness

    • Improved balance

    Who Is Clinical Pilates For?

    Essentially anyone with a spine can benefit from Clinical Pilates. There isn't anyone out there that we know of that wouldn't benefit from focusing on their special muscle imbalances and weakness (and we all have them).

    However, that being said, Clinical Pilates is particularly beneficial for people that have musculoskeletal pain or injury. It is particularly appropriate if the symptoms are recurrent or chronic, or if there are motor control problems. Injuries such as lower back, sacroiliac joint, hip, shoulder, and neck to VERY well with Pilates.

    In pre-natal and post-natal women, clinical pilates is used to increase pelvic floor strength and control, for prevention and relief of lower back and pelvic pain, and for body reshaping and toning. It's especially great for recovery after childbirth!

    People that have postural problems find that clinical pilates is helpful as it allows them to develop awareness of their body, as well as increasing their strength and flexibility. Clinical Pilates is also great for people that want to increase their muscle strength, flexibility, and tone.


    How Do I Get Started?

    We begin with a one hour private assessment where we will address your medical history as well as your specific needs & goals. We then perform a brief postural analysis & assess your body’s movement patterns before introducing you to some of the key concepts of Pilates. This will allow us to tailor a specific Pilates program to suit your individual needs.

    Our focus is to work with you towards your targets & expectations to manage your injuries, prevent reoccurrence or to improve your strength & conditioning to assist you to reach your physical peak for all your favorite activities & sports.

    After your initial assessment you can either attend private lessons &/or join in studio classes. We recommend 2-3 classes per week for maximum results.

    Pilates Mat Classes

    Our mat classes are small groups to ensure a safe environment with personal attention to allow modification and progression to suit individual needs.

    These classes focus on improving muscle strength & flexibility, joint stability & mobility, balance and coordination. The current mat classes we run are:

    Thursdays - 5:30 - 6:30 pm

    Fridays - 9:00 - 10:00 am

    • Pilates 101 6 Week Series

    All new clients must first be seen for a Pilates Assessment or sign up for a Private 1 on 1 Pilates Session. This is for your safety and to assure you are getting the most out of your time with us. You'll thank us later 😉

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    Private Pilates

    A great place for beginners, recent graduates from physical therapy, or anyone suffering with pain or injury to be introduced to the concept of Pilates and the technique of the exercises prescribed to you. Our Physical therapist’s will provide individual attention ensuring you learn and understand the way your body moves.

    • One On One Session
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    • Semi-Private Session

    Fitness is always more fun with a friend! Perfect for those that still need the attention but prefer to work out with a friend or accountability partner.

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