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A Unique Physical Therapy Experience

Have you ever been to a physician's office or a physical therapist appointment to feel like you were just another patient coming through the doors? You're not sure if they really know you by your name or just the insurance you have? Yes, we hear it all the time and we don't want that for our clients. You are people first, THEN our patient. That is why we have designed our services to center around YOU! At Empower Physical Therapy & Wellness, we have made it our mission to provide you with the best experience yet.  Not only will you get better faster and more fully (preventing it from coming back again later) you will have fun doing it!

Most of the clients we see have tried several other "treatments" (massage, chiropractic, other PT's, injections, etc) with little to no last results and they continue to suffer with the same ongoing problem. That is likely because no one has yet to take the time to truly LISTEN and spend time getting to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. When we just treat the symptoms...the relief is only temporary. When we treat the root cause the symptoms disappear on their own and problem is less likely to ever come back again in the future!  And we know that 90% of problems related to the musculoskeletal spine can be solved without prescribing medications, without expensive tests and procedures, and without surgery.

So if you want truly customized solutions with real results that are going to get you more active, healthy, and empower you with lasting results vs quick-fixes - then you should consider working with us.


We Specialize In...

Back and Hip Pain

Are you dealing with nagging low back pain that you often "throw out"? Are you experiencing chronic hip tightness or pain? We have simple and effective solutions that we will teach you how to do on your own so that you never have to deal with this debilitating problem again!

Pelvic Health/Women's Health

What most women don't know is that symptoms such as leaking, pelvic pain, pain with sex, and ab separation are NOT normal and CAN all be helped. We empower women to regain confidence and dignity in their bodies again.

Clinical Pilates

Do you know someone that has tried to start a new workout regiment and just ending up getting injured??

That's because that person did not now how to correctly use their body and/or if they had an instructor, that instructor probably paid NO attention to the individual and their poor form.

Clinical Pilates prevents any of that from happening. It is Physical Therapy led Pilates that shows you how to safely and effectively move your body so you can stop dealing with those injury roadblocks that are killing your healthy habits. It allows each individual to be guided by an injury and movement specialist through a customized program to suite their particular needs and goals.


We don't chase symptoms nor do we push you out the door when your pain is gone (that's just the beginning). We make sure this problem doesn't come back any time soon by designing and guiding you through a program customized just for you that will ensure you get to enjoy all the little and big things in life you may be currently missing out on!

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