Top 10 Wellness Tips For A Healthier 2019!

Do you use the New Year to set a bunch of new health goals?

In the past, I would sit down and brainstorm all the ways I wanted to better myself in the coming year. These included exercising daily, dining out less, eat less sugar, reading more personal development books, and drinking less coffee.

I loved the idea of a new and improved me, but rarely made it past week two.

According to Forbes, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. I clearly was in the 92%.

So now, after six years of living clean, embracing a mostly plant-based diet, being gluten free, Pilates, walking and eat over 45 fruits, veggies, and grains daily, I’ve comprised a list of my favorite simple yet transformational wellness tips to jump start your 2019 New Year.

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Let’s make those resolutions last!

Top 10 Wellness Tips For 2019

1.Add more fruits and vegetables at each meal

Many scholarly and anecdotal studies highly promote plant-based eating. Consuming a variety of colored fruits and vegetables have shown to promote longevity, disease prevention and overall wellness.

2.Drink half your body weight in water –

When the body is dehydrated, it doesn’t run efficiently. Drinking water has plenty of benefits including increasing energy, flushing out toxins, improving skin complexion and boosting immunity, to name a few. If you don’t like plain water, try infusing it with fruit or lemon.

3.Cook More

Cooking more of your own meals saves you money, and it’s also a much healthier approach because you can control everything that’s going into your food.    

Prepping meals ahead of time, like lunches to take to work and quick dinner ideas when you’ve put in too many hours at the office, is so much more rewarding than treating yourself to your favorite takeout.      

Our favorite added bonus of whipping up your own meals? It gets you away from phone, television and computer screens and moving around to complete a goal, rather than just burying your head in your Instagram feed and waiting for food to magically appear.

4.Detox Monthly –

With more toxins in our environment than ever, it is critical to detox! Detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. And it doesn’t have to be difficult! My favorite one is 10 days and there is no starving, no juice, and no counting or weighing! Want More Info?

5.Drink Less Coffee

 If you are surviving on coffee, then you are likely nutrient deficient. It was amazing to me how much I didn’t need coffee anymore once I followed #1 and #4 on this list.    

Start your day with warm lemon water instead, this has so many benefits including boosting metabolism and disease prevention.

6.Take More Walks

This idea checks multiple benefits. Walking reconnects you with yourself, gets you outside and breathing fresh air and actually has more health benefits than many other activities.      

Even if it just means a 10-minute stroll during your lunch break, make a habit of walking throughout the day and see how much more creative and refreshed you feel.

7.Connect With Your Breath

Diaphragmatic Breathing has endless benefits. Not only does it help us becoming ground and back to a calmer state, it helps increase oxygen to our body (which it loves), and my favorite, it helps re-engage with the deep core and pelvic floor.

So STOP. Take a moment and focus on NOTHING but your breath filling your belly and expanding your ribcage and then exhaling fully feeling the belly tighten just slightly.

8.Plant A Garden

If you don’t have a huge backyard, don’t let that discourage you from this idea. At-home gardens can be any size or shape — even window ledges count as great places to plant a few herbs and veggies.      

The idea of cultivating your own food in the new year not only shines a healthier light on what you’ll be cooking and consuming, but it’s also much more sustainable than making those daily and weekly trips to the store.      

Our favorite part of gardening is that it gets you outside (in the appropriate months), connecting with nature, and gives a sense of reward that can only be attained by getting your hands in some dirt. If you don’t have much space, don’t have a green thumb, or would love to grow all year round, I have a great solution for you that I personally use and LOVE!  Check out the Tower Garden for sustainable growing!

9.Be active daily

Aim for 30 minutes of activity daily. Break it up throughout the day: 10 minutes before work, 10 minutes afterwards and 10 minutes home with the kids. Many studies show that walking daily promotes disease prevention.

10.Find a workout buddy and set goals together

To make fitness fun. Power walks or drives to classes can be social and provide support so that you stick to your goals. If your best friends live far away, make phone dates to walk together.

Happy Goal Crushing!

About The Author

Casey Murphy

Dr. Casey Murphy is the Founder of Wheat Ridge’s Leading Specialist Physical Therapy Practice for People in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s+, who want to keep healthy and active. You may know of Casey for her ability to keep people free from painkillers, injections, and surgery. Her mission is to keep people from being sidelined from life and get them back to doing the things they love. Dr. Murphy is also certified in Pilates and teaches rehab Pilates classes as well as utilizes her training to assist in recovery and regaining motor control and stability.